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I Have a Gut Feeling!

I would LOVE to connect with you once a week (I promise not to bombard your email box more than that)! I'm literally obsessed with you feeling, thinking and performing WELL, and so every Monday I want to provide you information and resources as it relates to gut health to get your week started! What are the nutrition and lifestyle things we can do as it relates to this critical area of our wellness? Send me your email address and I'll share my gut feelings with you! XO


Hi I'm Peggy

Hi, my name is Peggy, and I'm so thankful you've stopped by.

I am a certified integrative nutrition health coach with specific training in the area of gut health and how that area of your body impacts your ability to live well. Wellness means so much more than eating well. When we work together we will focus on nutritional wellness, emotional wellness, financial wellness, relationship wellness and all the other aspects of life that impact our well-being.

I'm so excited about us connecting so that I can be an advocate for your best life!

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