Have you ever felt stuck working towards goals that didn’t feel authentic?

I remember vividly the feeling of going through the motions. Not knowing why I was following the current diet trend or why I was exercising the same as everyone else. I didn’t do my research. I didn’t stop to consider what was best for me – I just trusted that if someone said “this is the path to skinny”, then it was the road I needed to be on! I would push myself, even when my (then) quiet inner voice was trying to tell me “girl, this just isn’t the right choice for you.”  I didn’t understand that nutrition is the most confusing science there is and just because something works like magic for one person doesn’t mean it is going to work for me. I didn’t respect the truly miraculous things going on inside my gut and how my special set of bacteria makes me digest, process and heal differently than anyone else.

It wasn’t until I started studying gut health during my integrative nutrition health coaching certification program that a great big light bulb went off in my head (and I want to share this light with you).  In my very early twenties I was misdiagnosed with lupus. I was put on serious medications, sat with other women in a self help group for those with auto-immune disorders, wondered if I’d ever have children, and got depressed about the new way my life was being defined. My new reality was Peggy = sick. Luckily, Peggy also = curious. I became very curious about my diagnosis and what it meant for my future and I started a quest for answers – this was before the internet so my search found me deep in resource materials at the library. I discovered that I didn’t have lupus, I had an adverse reaction to a certain food (alfalfa sprouts of all things). I eliminated the sprout sandwiches I was eating a couple times a week, and by doing so eliminated the “auto-immune disorder” as well.  A seed was planted at that point in my life and was finally watered when I learned about the gut/wellness connection. I learned that when our gut isn’t happy it will tell us that in all kinds of ways. It will send distress signals letting us know it needs help. But we all too often misunderstand these signals and rather than working to clear up what caused the SOS, we suppress our system with medication. Of course there are instances of disease that are outside the scope of anything caused by food or that can be improved by healing the gut, but science is pointing its finger more and more at inflammation as the root of nearly all disease. Inflammation starts in the gut.

My name is Peggy Smith and I am a certified integrative nutrition health coach. I received my certification through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition – the leading expert on health and nutrition coaching. I received further certification on gut health because I truly believe healing our guts can heal our lives! I work with individuals to help them identify what their authentic goals are and what food and exercise plan works best for them. I help clients who feel their lives are out of control because of stress and the anxiety of day to day life. I help restore balance so they can enjoy fuller and happier lives and thrive to their fullest potential – physically and emotionally. I am available for private sessions, I lead group sessions and I am happy to speak to your business or association.