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You know how food trends come and go – a few years ago it was cupcakes and then everything was Red Velvet and now gourmet doughnuts are having a run. Alongside all those sugary trends healthy ones sometimes appear as well – and right now bone broth is all the rage (although there is absolutely nothing actually new about this nutrition staple)! There are even bone broth shops, and if someone who is listening wants to give me a business loan – I am so down to open one up in Tallahassee!!  So if you’re new to the whole concept of bone broth you might be kinda grossed out by the name (like I initially was being a mostly plant eater). But my desire to know about all things that can heal and help the gut won out over my squeamish concept of what this was all about and I decided I had to give it a try.

Bone broth, as it turns out, is a very simple and traditional healing food that has been like a well kept secret of the health and wellness movement for quite some time. Bone Broth is a nutrient-dense, easy to digest food supplement that is the result of simmering grass-finished animal bones (be they chicken or beef or even fish bones) with a simple acid (such as apple cider vinegar) for over 12 hours. Bone broth is a way to use every part of an animal – bones, marrow, skin and feet, tendons, ligaments – things most of us would never eat directly. These parts are added to water, possibly some veggies and spices are added and they are simmered for a good long while which allows the bones and ligaments to release healing compounds that have the capacity to improve your health.

A body cannot be healed without adequate digestion. Bone broth helps restore a digestive foundation, preparing our bodies to become medicine-making machines by restoring the gut to a state in which it can absorb more of the key vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from the other foods we eat throughout the day. But that’s not all bone broth does! We also sing its praises for its role in improving joint mobility, muscle recovery, and having anti-inflammatory properties. For bone broth to have these therapeutic benefits pure ingredients are essential, and when it comes to bones, this means pasture-raised antibiotic free sources from farms with ethical practices and no GMO feed. Drinking bone broth daily and making it a part of a lifestyle is a wise move in the direction of optimal wellness and deep nourishment and it helps support farms that take the time and care to raise animals that can support this part of the health and wellness movement.

Knowledge of the positive effects of drinking bone broth regularly is spreading like wildfire as it reemerges as a staple food source around the globe. I now make bone broth from scratch just about every weekend and it easily fits into my super busy routine. I get myself out to the farmers market on Saturday and shop from one of the vendors I discovered carries all the necessary parts of chickens that have been raised organically and without any hormones. If I travel on the weekend or for some reason can’t get around to making broth, I can buy it at the store. After doing my homework, my go to brand is BonaFide which you will find in the freezer section at just about any major grocery store. I also have considered purchasing it online from the folks at where they quick ship it to you in such a way to keep it frozen in transit (but unless you place a big order to avoid the shipping costs, this will be an expensive way to go). Or, after listening to the Doctors Farmacy podcast I’ve included the link to, I want to try Brodo who cold ships to 37 states for free.

Most of the “bone broths” you find on the shelf in boxes that have been sitting there for who knows how long, are not going to contain the iron, vitamins A and K, zinc, collagen, gelatin, potassium, magnesium, calcium, not to mention the valuable amino acids like proline, glutamine and arginine that will be found in a well prepared clean bone broth. It’s not possible to say exactly how much of the above nutrients you will get out of a particular batch of bone broth, since this depends in great degree on the type and quantity of the bones and tissues that went into it, but you can feel confident if you are drinking bone broth on the regular, you will be getting a good healthy dose of these vitamins and minerals, amino acids and other nutrients so vital to our well-being.

The thing that lights me up the most about bone broth is how much of a healer it can be for our gut! You’ve heard me talk before about leaky gut and how significantly that condition can wreck havoc on our health.

Studies show that gelatin (found in bone broth) is beneficial for restoring the strength of the gut lining and fighting food sensitivities. It also helps with the growth of good bacteria in the gut and supports healthy inflammation levels in the digestive tract.

Bone broth stock is easily digested and soothing to the digestive system, unlike many other foods, which can be difficult to fully break down. After all, a food is really only useful if we have the means of absorbing its nutrients.

In addition, studies have found that folks with digestive imbalances have lower concentrations of collagen. Because the amino acids in collagen build the tissue that lines the colon and entire gastrointestinal tract, supplementing with collagen can support healthy digestive function.

I’m not going to geek out on you any more than that – instead I’m going to include a link to an amazing article that will tell you that in addition to aiding in the improvement of gut health and digestion, bone broth has also been found to improve skin health, cardiovascular health, muscles and performance, bone and joint health, eye health, brain health, mood and sleep, immune function and the detoxification of the liver and kidneys. This article is full of all the information you need to get started on your own journey into the world of bone broth! In addition, I’ve included the information on a really awesome podcast all about bone broth. If you don’t want to listen to the segment about this guys famous New York City restaurant – just start the podcast at about minute 16.30. After you read the article and listen to the podcast, if you want to reach out and let’s geek out together – I would love that!!!

Podcast: The Doctor’s Farmacy with Mark Hyman – Is Bone Broth Worth the Hype with Marco Canora (October 24, 2018)

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