You Are a Badass – Your Health Goals

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This Thursday’s topic is what a Badass you are when it comes to your health goals – inspired by You Are a Badass my very favorite self-help book by Jen Sincero.

I had the MOST amazing thing happen to me last weekend! I got to meet Jen Sincero in person and hear her speak live to a book store full of like minded badasses! Jen is the author of You Are a Badass, You Are a Badass at Making Money and now her new book You Are a Badass Everyday. That’s a lot of badass (and if you’re keeping track I’ve said badass 8 times already!!) Perhaps I should have given a language disclaimer before I started!

When I read this book in January of 2017 it changed my life! It made me believe in myself in ways I hadn’t before and also believe in the idea of dreaming outside the box for my life. The book helped me think bigger about my purpose for this one amazing life I’ve got to live! Because of the book I signed up for health coaching school 3 months later and I get to make a difference in other’s lives in ways I had never imagined before!

Getting a chance to see her and give her a hand written note telling her how thankful I am for her contribution to the world was the BEST feeling! (I wrote down because I was afraid to try and tell her in person for fear I would either a) ugly cry in front of her out of excitement and overwhelm or b) aggravate all the people in line behind me waiting to get their book signed by taking far too long or c) both).

Hearing her say out loud and in person some of the things I had only read was so powerful. As I listened to her talk, I was thinking of each of you and I was thinking about the me before I really dug in and did the work on myself to get way more comfortable being exactly who I am. She doesn’t talk about weight loss specifically that I can recall, but what I keep coming back to is how her messages can really be applied to any of our wellness goals – be they weight loss, eating cleaner, exercising more, stressing less, breathing better, creating a gratitude practice, drinking more water – whatever it is for you at this very moment!!

What follows is how I take what Jen preaches and translate that into what we should all take to heart as we work on our wellness goals!


  1. The very best place to start is with a DEEP, unapologetic, unwavering love for exactly who you are right now. Let’s not waste another moment second guessing ourselves, comparing ourselves to others, postponing joy and pleasure or holding on to guilt! In Jen’s amazing words “I’m talking about a deep connection with our highest selves, and an unshakable ability to forgive our lowest. I’m talking about loving ourselves enough to let go of guilt, resentment, and criticism and embrace compassion, joy and gratitude.” SO GOOD right??? We need to get busy right this second on the internal work required to feel this kind of way towards ourselves. When our goals come from a place of taking care of the person we love most in the world (ourselves) then we do all the things for our health for all kinds of life affirming reasons and not because we aren’t “enough” of one thing or another or “too much” in any certain way. One of my very favorite things about coaching is helping others find this peace and light inside of themselves!!


  1. If I was able to channel Jen (don’t I wish) – I believe the next thing she would say in this regard is “Your Brain is your Bitch”! (the title of chapter 11). What we are saying to ourselves really matters, especially the things we have on repeat in our heads (and if you want more of a deep dive into that topic be sure to revisit my August 30th episode on that exact thing). We should aim to upgrade the messages we send ourselves so that we can get to number 1 faster – the deep unapologetic love for who we are! I love Albert Einstein said this, “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.” This makes me think of stories of those who lose a tremendous amount of weight but continue to see themselves as the heavier version. Their thinking hasn’t caught up with the reflection in the mirror. It also makes me think of the super sweet and hilarious movie “I Feel Pretty” whose main character’s life changes drastically (for the better) when she loves what she sees in the mirror! All that actually changed was her thinking – although in the movie it’s because of a bump on the head and takes some twists and turns your life won’t likely take – but the message is the same as we hear from Jen many times in her book – LOVE YOURSELF!!


  1. And last but of course not least “Never apologize for who you are. It lets the whole world down!” Jen goes on to say that “when you love yourself enough to stand in your truth no matter what the cost, everyone benefits. You start attracting the kinds of things, people, and opportunities, that are in alignment with who you really are.” So don’t make your goals based on what you think anyone else says they should be – make them based on YOU. Don’t decide you need to do a certain thing because it is what everyone else is doing, decide what you will do based on what feels good and brings you joy. When you make goals and decisions from this place you will stick with them, you will enjoy the process of learning what you need to learn to reach the goals and you will be madly in love with the amazing person staring back at you in the mirror each and every day!


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If I can be an advocate for you on your wellness, and loving your amazing self, journey in any way – please reach out and let me know!


Until next time friends,



XO – Peggy


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