Ready to BE WELL?

You probably didn’t wake up this morning and think to yourself “I want to be WELL”, but what you might have been thinking is “I wish I had a better idea what to do to control the crazy stress I’m under”, you might have thought “I hope today is the day I can stick to my eating plan” or “I hope I don’t blow up at the kids or the hubby today”. As busy, high achieving women, we find ourselves in lives that sometimes feel out of control. We want to keep our health and wellness priorities in order, but who has time for that?

As your coach I will provide you personalized nutrition and life solutions to help you transform into your best self! I provide a safe and supportive space where creative solutions are found and strategies for implementation are established so that you can live life to the fullest!


As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I look at the whole person; body, mind and spirit, because no two people are created the same or have the same life story. The wellness solutions we create for you will be unique from anyone else’s. I help you look at lifestyle and food choices as a mechanism for creating balance in your body and your emotions.

  • I will help you establish and document your goals
  • I will evaluate your food choices, lifestyle patterns and use of supplements
  • I will work with you to help balance your gut bacteria
  • I will help you identify imbalances that could be blocking your success
  • I will guide you in implementing a personal nutrition and life plan that helps meet your personal goals
  • I will deep listen to you like it’s my job – because it is
  • I will make advocating for your success my priority




  • You feel stuck in old patterns of eating or thinking
  • You have tried and “failed” other people’s diet plans
  • There are emotional issues blocking you from progress
  • You have a hunch your gut microbiome isn’t performing optimally
  • You know you should feel more energy and enthusiasm but need help figuring out how to find either
  • You struggle staying on track with goals you make for yourself
  • You could really use someone to help hold you accountable
  • You know stress is controlling how you eat and perform and you want to change that



One on One Private Sessions – 3 Month Program

Sessions offered M-F 7 a.m. or noon

  • 2 private sessions per month – 50 minutes each in person or by phone
  • Personalized support between private sessions
  • Topic specific handouts tailored to your goals
  • Menu planning assistance
  • Personalized goal setting
  • Accountability tracking

Group Sessions – 3 Month Program

Sessions will be offered in the evening

  • 2 group sessions per month – 75 minutes each held in Tallahassee Florida
  • Group size not to exceed 6 people
  • Guided mediation to begin each session
  • Informative handouts provided at each session
  • 6 week meal planning guide provided along with 6 week meal-prep challenge
  • How to Eat Out guidance – one session will be held at a restaurant
  • Pantry and Refrigerator Make-Over

Reset Retreat

Price to be determined (depending on retreat location and if you share a room)

  • 3 day/2 night beach retreat
  • All gut reset meals, snacks and beverages provided
  • Friday morning – Sunday afternoon
  • Yoga
  • Guided meditation
  • Desire Goal Mapping
  • Sessions on understanding gut health
  • 45 minute private coaching session for each participant
  • Meal prep guidance and menus for weeks following gut reset
  • Sunday evening meal in take away container to complete the three day reset/detox


Are you interested in learning more about the programs listed above?

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